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I just wanna talk to whoever thought this was a good idea

This is probably even more shady than it seems. They raise the rates and then less people go. Low attendance numbers leads to that park getting less attention and less money. This discourages new parks and devalues current parks. Then the government can be like “lol people don’t care about nature let’s drill” Parks and libraries should be free places for people to enrich themselves, but smart sheep aren’t worth anything 🐑

^^^This. It’s why they’re also slashing park funding. According to the linked article, the current budget proposal includes:

  • Cutting base operating funding by $132 million, affecting at least
    90 percent of parks. This includes cuts to law enforcement, health and
    safety, natural and cultural resource projects, and volunteer and youth
  • Cutting 1,242 staff positions.
  • A 37 percent cut to the Historic Preservation Fund.
  • A drastic cut to federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, which
    helps parks purchase private lands within park boundaries from willing
    sellers that would otherwise be vulnerable to inappropriate commercial
    or residential development.
  • Elimination of the National Heritage Area program, which preserves
    large historic landscapes managed through innovative partnerships.

Combined with the drastic rate hike, it’s hard to see this as anything other than a ploy to force park closures. 

This proposal is currently open for public comments and will be open until November 23.

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Comments can be written by anyone. You don’t have to live in America.

Please write a comment saying how much you love the parks or a certain park or why you think this is a bad idea. If you don’t live in America write something about how you travel here to see the parks or how you wish that your country had a park service like America (the American government loves having its ego stroked)

Public comments are the only thing the park service is going to see. They aren’t going to see how many notes this post gets, they’re going to look at that comments page to see how many people they would tick off it they did this. So please, reblog this post but go comment, it’s the only way to let the parks service know how you feel.

PLEASE do this ^^^

PLEASE go comment!!!

Hi guys I don’t do politics much but this is vitally important.  A HUGE chunk of Colorado’s economy depends on people visiting the parks, not to mention that they’re beautiful and don’t deserve this bullshit.  Commenting DOES make a big difference and you don’t have to give them any personal information if you don’t want.