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This organization is picking up the slack for HHS! Spread the word please so we have MORE sign up for affordable healthcare. 


Get America Covered helps people get covered and stay covered. We’re here to help people looking to enroll in health coverage and those who are helping other people sign-up.

Open Enrollment will be half as long this year and there will be less public education about enrollment information and key deadlines than during previous open enrollments. This will make it that much harder for people to find the facts and information they need in order to sign up for health coverage.

We’re stepping in to help get the word out – and we hope you’ll join us. We ran outreach and public education for over the last three years. Now, we’re taking everything we learned about how to reach people with the information they need and getting to work, helping more people enroll.

Sign up begins NOVEMBER 1st!!! Get covered!