EndsAndStems.com Launches – Meal Plans focused…

tl;dr My client, entrepreneur & friend, Alison Mountford (don’t forget the name!), just launched her new website Ends & Stems: EndsandStems!

Alison is a private chef who ran her own catering business for just under a decade, then attempted to work with some of the meal plan/food plan delivery services in San Francisco.

She wasn’t much of an activist but she grew passionate about the issue of food waste, seeing these companies throw so much stuff out.

Something like 40% of food produced in America is never eaten which is the equivalent of buying 3 bags of groceries and leaving one in the parking lot.

One of the things we figured out that the “nutritional gatekeeper” of the house has enough trouble finding recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking.

Worrying about food waste seemed to be an added burden.

In comes her solution: Weekly meal plans designed to use up all the food you buy, along with key features like “Buy on Instacart” and “Print Grocery List.”

Hopefully, she can make it super easy for more people to waste less food.

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