FYI, the "I'm sure most of our follo…

FYI, the "I'm sure most of our followers are just here to lollygag, but follow this link if you're interested in REAL speculative biology" opener of your forum advertisement post is immensely condescending, and I'm sure it's turning people off your forum and probably also your blog. I consider unfollowing every time you reblog that post again. You may want to reword if "sneeringly presumptuous" isn't the tone you were going for.

I suggest you get your eyes checked, my friend, because literally none of what you just said is in the post: 

While most of our followers are probably more interested in the art than the actual speculative biology, I’m sure there are a number of you that, like the rest of our community, enjoy the science behind the art as well. If that’s the case then please drop by the forum, linked above. If you’re not interested in the science and only come here for the art, you’re also welcome to drop by the forum but probably won’t find much of interest there.

Don’t feel like you need to be a scientist to join or contribute. Speculative Evolution is a community of citizen scientists, hobbyists, and biology nerds coming together to share our ideas. Since our founding in 2008 we have striven to be an inclusive community that fosters rational debate and an interest in science in general (and biology in particular).

The story is usually the same: a young person with an interest in biology discovers something they’ve never seen before. Perhaps one of the various speculative biology books by Dougal Dixon, or maybe one of the mockumentaries made by Discovery such as Alien Planet or The Future is Wild. Maybe they stumbled on an existing project like Snaiad or Sagan 4 (which has relocated to the Speculative Evolution forum, by the way). They decided they liked this idea of creating their own plants and animals, or perhaps they had already been doing so and weren’t aware others did it too. After some searching they find their way to our forum and learn, often for the first time, that their weird hobby isn’t so weird after all.

If this story is familiar to you, or if, perhaps, this blog is your first encounter with speculative biology and has inspired you to try it out for yourself then I extend to you an invitation to our growing community to discuss, speculate, and evolve.

I don’t see how you possibly got anything remotely “sneeringly presumptuous” out of the tone of this post. Perhaps I am biased, seeing as I wrote it, but it seems to me the tone of the post is rather gentle, because that was the intent. Its not meant to be, nor is it, elitist in any way. It is simply a kindly invitation to those of my followers who are interested in the biology as much as the art to join the forum if they so choose. My advice to you is that, in the future, you take the time to actually read a post before criticizing the tone or wording of it.