realmonstrosities: The Brownsnout Spookfish (D…


The Brownsnout Spookfish (Dolichopteryx longipes) is a spooky Barreleye from the deep sea.

Why is it called a Barreleye? Because it has barrels for eyes, of course! Actually, that’s just half the story…

Each eye is divided into two distinct parts. The larger, barrel section faces upward and is great for discerning the silhouettes of tiny, tasty copepods in the gloom above.

Next to those is the diverticular eye. These face downward and capture light using mirrors instead of lenses. This is particularly useful for gathering light, allowing the Spookfish to spot bioluminescent predators lurking below.

It doesn’t matter how flabby their muscles or gelatinous their flesh, no-ones sneaking up on the Brownsnout Spookfish!