Carbon Capture with Soils = 5 billion tons per…

After reducing projected emissions by 700 billion tons in 20 years, we have to suck 10 billion tons of year out of the air forever after to avoid 2° C.

The most optimistic scenario says we can hope to remove 5 billion tons of carbon per year by 2050. This is clearly ineffectual.

We can remove up to 5 gtons/year by 2050.

But, we are putting up to 40 gtons/year now.

We will put up 700 billion tons by 2040.

We have to emit 0 gtons/year by 2040 to avoid 2° C.

2° C = Disaster says James Hansen.

Removing 5 gtons/year by 2050 is not enough.

We have to remove at least 10 gtons/year after 2040 every single year to avoid 2° C.

Source: Climate State lecture 25 min. Excellent video. Go to 22:50 for conclusion.

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