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Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future Generations: Sorry:

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The City of London will be powered with 100% r…

The City of London will be powered with 100% renewable energy by October 2018:

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Climate Action Can Limit Asia’s Growing Water …

Climate Action Can Limit Asia’s Growing Water Shortages:

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Emissions Free Marine Transport

Emissions Free Marine Transport:

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The Reality Environment

CO2 ☣ > Nuclear

Fossil CO2 impacts will outlast Stonehenge and nuclear waste | Grist

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive Than Nuclear Waste – Scientific American

Increased solar radiation will boil oceans

Note: More lethal space radiation is hitting earth, and more will do so soon because of 2 reasons; 1) weakening magnetic field, 2) ozone destruction due to increased volcanic and human activity.

This increased space radiation separates the increased water vapor into hydrogen and oxygen, since hydrogen is the lightest element, it drifts off into space, and without hydrogen there’s no water.

Water vapor itself has become a climate feedback loop. Increased upper atmospheric water vapor and radiation can accelerate planetary ocean loss.

Green Energy

Vaclav Smil says energy transitions take at least 70 years, if ever, to happen.

When people got sick of coal power and smoggy cars, the government promised that hydro power would replace coal, which it did NOT, instead it just added to the power use, so coal kept growing right along with hydro. This is exactly what is happening with renewable power and fossil fuels now.

We transitioned from wood to coal a few hundred years ago, and many still burn wood to this day, because dead wood is free in the jungle.

We got 20 years to get emissions BELOW ZERO for eternity, or hit 2 C.

To do that we have to first reduce emissions 100% in 20 years.

It takes 50 years to change world energy demand 100% worldwide.

That’s because worldwide means like all over the whole fucking world.

The plant waste we burn is food for the soil and trees, not green energy for us to steal.

We are changing earth 100X faster than whatever killed the dinosaurs.

We are going to run out of food and water before we get 50% renewable energy worldwide.

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How much of my donation to the Ocean Cleanup g…

I wonder how much % of my donations go to the actual project? I wouldn’t like it if the people working there take up 75% of the donation. Does somebody know?

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Shell knew about climate migration 40 years ag…

Shell knew about climate migration 40 years ago. This is what it told the public.:

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Scientists create new building material out of…

Scientists create new building material out of fungus, rice and glass:

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Những sai lầm cần tránh khi bứng trồng cà chua…

Những sai lầm cần tránh khi bứng trồng cà chua trong vườn:

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why don’t we just intentionally pollute the oc…

basically the sooner we get this whole sorry mess over with, the better.

people keep deciding to have children and this is at the root of the problem, at least for human beings.

but people can’t be trusted to be responsible enough to refrain from reproduction.

that’s the only responsible course of action really because it is reproduction that keeps us in this sorry mess.

so perhaps the best strategy, long term, is to destroy our world as quickly as possible?

if like to invite you you take what taking this suggestion seriously would mean for you intimately in your personal thoughts, actions and way you think about the world.

we need the best thinkers in the world to apply their minds and hearts to this idea today to stop all the pain and distress, hunger, starvation, loneliness, depression, thirst, social and economic problems, religious wars, conflict of all imaginable kinds, all bullying and unfairness!

this unfairness includes racism as well as sexual abuse such as paedophilia. little kids would no longer have their lives ruined by their iresponsible uncle or whoever! think of all the knock on effects of that that would also be stopped!

but then taking racism. no klu Klux clan! no lynching.

no rewanda style massacres! no piles of dead bodies by the side of the road! no Tiananmen square type situations! no danger or fear of Armageddon or nuclear holocaust!

no irritation or annoyance.

is it really worth giving up all that benefit jist to conceive children and show them sincere affection?

and why do people on this subreddit think they are being responsible when they try as hard as they can, in an important way in their lives, to make the world a more habitable environment for future generations.

I’m asking if I sound stupid, what gives you the right (if that is what you do) and say my sentiments are more stupid than yours?

I’m being serious.

so please pm me if you want a discussion.

also I imagine this post will be removed for expressing a view thay is contrary to the one people intuitively believe is good, so I expect, sadly this post might be taken down.

if it is though, i will hassle the moderators relentlessly to get it out back up.

do you really think I don’t love or care for you? that’s not true. I’m trying to really do something here. I’d say I’m trying as hard as anyone maybe. so please don’t take me down just because there is a difference if opinion.


ps. I don’t find this post any funnier than you do. I’m sorry but famine etc aren’t funny at all. and neither are you!

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