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why are star wars planets more boring than earth and our solar system like sure we’ve seen desert, snow, diff types of forest, beach, lava, rain, but like… 

rainbow mountains (peru)

red soil (canada/PEI)

rings (saturn’s if they were on earth) 

bioluminescent waves

northern lights (canada)

salt flats (bolivia, where they filmed crait but did NOTHING COOL WITH IT except red dust?? like??? come ON)

and cool fauna like the touch me not or like, you know, the venus flytrap.. and don’t get me started on BUGS like… we have bugs cooler than sw aliens

BASICALLY like???? come on star wars you had one (1) job where are the cool alien species

I KNOW!! I did a report on filming locations in Star Wars last year and just made a list of places that looked so surreal they could make a convincing other planet. You covered some on my list but if I could just add a couple more:

Tsingy di Bemaraha, Madagascar

Zhangye Danxia, China (similar to the Rainbow Mountains in terms of appearance)

Chocolate Hills, Philippines

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

So many missed opportunities with cool ass things on Earth, Lucasfilms smh…

Earth is effing amazing!

Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina

Lake Retba, Senegal

Tepui, Venezuela

Tianzi Mountains, China

these would make amazing Star Wars planets OR fantasy material:

Tsingy du Bemaraha, Madagascar again (but a different part)

(those are razor-sharp, if you were wondering. very little of this area has been explored because YIKES)

Lake Natron, Tanzania

(looks cool, but is alkaline enough to Kill Your Shit)

Lake Baikal, Russia

(the deepest lake in the world, seriously)

and I’ll wrap it up with Son Doong Cave, Vietnam, the largest cave in the entire world.

it puts anything Dagobah has to offer to absolute shame:

(seriously, the largest chamber is 660 feet high. you could jam a fucking skyscraper in there and still lose it

anyway I really like caves thanks for coming to my ted talk

Stop! Chocolate Hills? And there I thought Nintendo was making Choco Mountain up. 



What’s across the ocean from Africa?



As someone that has grown up surrounded by beaches and done surf life saving, I know how the sea works. Lots of people dont. Every summer multiple tourists die here because they don’t respect the sea, if you’re going to the coast, here’s a thing I saw on Facebook.

nationalsciencefoundation: Geologists at the …


Geologists at the University of Utah are pioneering a new way to monitor the structural integrity of natural arches. They have discovered that each arch has its own “voice.” Have a listen!

Expanding ‘dead zone’ in Arabian Sea raises cl…

Expanding ‘dead zone’ in Arabian Sea raises climate change fears:

“Dead zones are areas of the sea where the lack of oxygen makes it difficult for fish to survive and the one in the Arabian Sea is “is the most intense in the world,” says Lachkar, a senior scientist at NYU Abu Dhabi in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.“It starts at about 100 metres and goes down to 1,500 metres, so almost the whole water column is completely depleted of oxygen,” he told AFP.“

Young Leftist Candidates Are Breathing New Rad…

Young Leftist Candidates Are Breathing New Radicalism Into Stale Climate Politics:

Need some inspiration? These candidates are changing the game: taking a stand as climate champions who won’t be playing by the fossil fuel industry’s rules. 

750+ candidates have taken the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge! Help us get that number to 1,000:

End coal mining in the UK, environmentalists u…

End coal mining in the UK, environmentalists urge government:

From here

Oceanographers uncover the relationship betwee…

Oceanographers uncover the relationship between size and productivity in one of the world’s most complex ecosystems: undefined

The Netherlands contemplates the world’s tough…

The Netherlands contemplates the world’s toughest climate law:


Last week, a coalition of seven Dutch political parties unveiled a climate policy proposal that is breathtaking in its ambition. If it becomes law, it will codify the most stringent targets for greenhouse gas reductions of any country in the world.

There are still several steps between the proposal and passage, including debate in both houses of Parliament, and lawmakers may make changes. But given the broad political support — the parties involved control 113 of 150 seats in Parliament — it is widely expected to pass in something like its current form by late next summer.

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Hidden in plain sight: what the recycling cris…

Hidden in plain sight: what the recycling crisis really looks like: undefined